IT Management Consulting

E-volve provides  experienced consultants with the management and analytical skills necessary to provide quality business solutions.  We implement strategic change, process improvement, and technology solutions in the following key areas.

  • Information Systems Planning
  • Analysis of Technical Architecture
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Quantitative/Statistical Analysis
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement

Program Management

The Program Management discipline is a key element of our methodology.  It represents the coordinated management of a project used to deliver business benefits that would otherwise not be obtained or possible were the project tracks to be managed independently. Program Management provides our clients with the standards, organization, and structure to support inter- and intra-project dependencies.  It also enables Project Teams to share learning and reuse solutions that can be leveraged across divisions and geographic areas.

Project Management

Our project management approach addresses the unique demands of information technology projects through the balanced management of scope, quality, cost, risk, and schedule.  This approach also formalizes control mechanisms to help the Project Team share critical project information and coordinate with its external stakeholders. Our approach provides guidelines, checklists, and deliverable templates to support five key processes that comprise project management:

  • Control and Reporting - scope definition and control, status reporting, issue management
  • Work Management - define, monitor, and control tasks; maintain a financial view
  • Resource Management - staffing and project infrastructure
  • Configuration Management - organize, track, and control the work products
  • Quality Management - implement measures to assure expectations are met